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NEW The Geyser™ P7 Cryo / Pyro Simulator

Add Drama To Any Performance

GEYSER-P7-1.jpgGive your audience the awe and eye-candy they will talk about long after your show!   Make a statement with the Geyser™ - a unique effect fogger that adds a touch of drama to any performance. Never worry about the hazards of toxic chemicals, real fire, or heavy CO2 canisters. This powerful fogger blasts a vertical stream of safe, water-based fog while simultaneously illuminating it with 7 high-power (9W) penta-color (RGBA+UV) LEDs.  Precise control over the LEDs allows you to easily mix the perfect color to illuminate the fog, creating a photo-realistic "flame projector" or "flash pot" effect.

geyser-p6-3.jpgPerfect for venues where pyro is not allowed but you need that added punch on-stage.  There are endless uses for the Geyser. It can be sat on the stage, mounted upside down in your light grid, or hung on a side bar and shot off sideways.
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theatre-effects-large-button.jpgchauvet-dj-large-button.jpgPopular Fog Machines

Perfect for Productions on a Budget!

Theatrical fog machines create fog by vaporizing a special, safe and non-toxic water-based fluid. When used according to instructions, they leave no residue. Fog greatly enhances any lighting effect. It's used extensively in haunted houses, nightclubs, concerts and theaters. Popular Fog Machines is our line of economically priced models suitable for most applications. (Theme parks, arenas, stadiums, cruise ship shows and other large-scale or long-running shows should choose from our Professional Fog Machines category below.)

All models use Theatre Effects Fog Fluid.

More information on these systems can be found by following the links below.

fg1800-hurricane-1800-flex-fog-machine_01.jpg   Hurricane-1600-1.jpg   Hurricane-1400-1.jpg   Hurricane-1200-1.jpg   fg901-hurricane-party-fog-machine_01.jpg

Don't forget: always use Theatre Effects high-quality Fog Fluids for optimum results and extended life of your machines!  Our fluids are manufacture in our Northern Kentucky facility and meet the highest industry standards using only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.


Professional Fog Machines & Fluids

Nimbus-7b.jpgFog machines are perhaps the most widely used special effects device in the theatre today. Advances in technology over the past several years have developed them from noisy boxes emitting foul-smelling smoke into fairly quiet devices capable of producing huge amounts of virtually scent-free fog. Fog machines have also dropped in price significantly over the years so that, today, a fog machine is within the budget of almost any school or community theatre group. Theatre Effects is one of the largest suppliers of theatrical fog machines and fog fluids in the United States, and we are proud to offer quality machines by the following manufacturers:

theatre-effects-large-button.jpg  ultratec-large-button.jpg  lemaitre-large-button.jpg  look-solutions-large-button.jpg  

More information on the professional machines we carry can be found by following the manufacturer's links above, or browse our entire Fog & Haze Machine collection. Don't forget: always use high-quality Fog Fluid for optimum results and extended life of your machines!


The CANDLE LITE™ by City Theatrical

Reacquaint Yourself With An Old Flame

Nimbus-7b.jpgThe best & safest simulated candle on the market.  These electronic candles give a truly realistic flame-like appearance. Used wherever fire laws prohibit real flame, they are ideal on stages and in public haunted houses. The candles are superbly designed and constructed devices, featuring a tiny logic circuit and three very bright bulbs.

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Nimbus-Jr-5.jpgThe logic circuit controls the flicker of the bulbs to simulate the look of a real candle.

The bulb closest to the base of the candle flickers very slowly, the middle bulb a little faster and the top bulb flickers quickly and simulates the dancing flame of a burning candle.

The three bulbs are encased in a flame shaped translucent shell to protect them and to soften and diffuse the flicker effect.


Fairy Berries®

The Magical Firefly Effect

FB1W-CurledHand-W.jpgThese wonderful little marvels may be the most versatile (and cutest) LED lights we've ever seen!

Each Fairy Berry consists of a tiny LED, encapsulated inside of a water-proof plastic shell. The LED gently fades on and off, creating a beautiful firefly effect.  One Fairy Berry is cute, dozens are magical.

Each Fairy Berry is 0.75" and the included batteries will operate the unit for 20+ hours. Batteries can easily be replaced. Fairy Berries can be spread on the ground, added to table decorations, hung from trees, dangled from fishing line, or tossed into your water features. (Yes - they float in water!)

FB1-Group-W-6.jpgCreate a memorable experience for your guests. Not only perfect for special occasions, Fairy Berries also have many uses in the world of Theatre and Special Effects. Hang them from fishing line at various heights above your stage, creating a magical "star curtain" effect at a fraction of the cost. Used in productions of Peter Pan for scenes of flying to Neverland or for creating glowing bugs in "Hakuna Matata." The uses for these little wonders are endless.

Available in 10 colors, making them perfect for any themed event.

Also, check out the NEW Mama Berry®.  Twice the size of the Fairy Berry, Mama Berries are larger, brighter, and have a built-in power switch for easier activation.


The world's LARGEST manufacturer of hand-held pyrotechnics - since 1975

Our goal is to supply you with the products that you need to create all of your effects, quickly, efficiently, and at a reasonable price. We want to be your one-stop special effects shop.

Unlike other companies, we are ALWAYS happy to speak with our customers; answering questions, and helping them find the right products to create their desired effects.  Check out our Fun FAQs & Helpful Hints section for some of our favorite topics over the past 40 years. Need help with a special effects-heavy show? Check out our Show-Specific Effects section.  You are also welcome to call us anytime at 1-800-791-7646.